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TeleSEMI Corporation

A trading company providing value-added services for the semiconductor, electronics and solar cell manufacturing industries in the Philippines and throughout Southeast Asia. We work with our customers to confront and overcome today's manufacturing challenges. We provide high-technology products in industrial electronics and automation, and machineries for semiconductor, electronics, and solar panel manufacturing.

We excel in supplying our customers with the very best equipment, components, and consumables such as:

  • Wafer Processing Capital Equipment for the Semiconductor, electronics & Solar Cell Industries (sales, install, service & maintenance)
  • Wet Process Control Components (liquid flow control products, inline heaters, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.)
  • Wafer Packaging Materials (separators, cushions, coin stack carriers, sorters, etc)
  • ESD control products
  • Dicing Saws,Wire Saws, Lapping material, Silicone Carbide (green and black)
  • Slurry Recovery Systems
  • Packaging Materials

We offer a full range of competitively priced products and a variety of hard to find spare parts as well as used quipment. Please visit our products page for more information. Our corporate headquarters is located in Manila, Philippines and we have a branch office in Chicago, Illinois USA.


Chairman's Message

TeleSEMI Corporation is dedicated to providing outstanding Customer Service to all our customers. We believe in delivering high quality products in a timely manner with a lot of personal attention. We understand that your time is very valuable and our commitment to you is to provide you with on-time delivery, defect-free products of the highest quality, with exceptional customer service.

Every employee at TeleSEMI Corporation is committed to making each of our customers feel they are the most important customer we have!

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